4 series

Hell 4 leather.

Need 4 speed? It’s a job 4 Noelle Performance. Since sporting is our middle name, we decided to unleash the 4 series with an extra helping of torque and power. For the 428i, this can be up to 287 hp / 289 lb-ft torque (standard: 252 hp/ 199 lb-ft), while the 440i with its output of 440 hp / 443 lb-ft torque (standard: 326 hp / 413 lb-ft) and Vmax delimiter offers the type of performance previously confined to gas-guzzling super sports cars. And the best part? Never before have efficiency and driving pleasure been presented in such a stunning design.

Whether Coupé, Cabrio or GranCoupé, our 4 series line is unbeatable – and available with xDrive as well.

4 Series F32, F33, F36 pricing 

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N55B30M0 Engine

306 Stock HP

380 Tuned HP

406 Tuned Torque

N55B30O0 Engine

320 Stock HP

420 Tuned HP

443 Tuned Torque


B58 Engine

326/340 Stock HP

440 Tuned HP

443 Tuned Torque


Through our technical partnership with Liqui Moly, Noelle Performance gives you the absolute optimal driving experience with maximum performance while Liqui Moly keeps your vehicle in peak shape for years to come.


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