2 Series

The 2 series offers a truly special driving experience.

Yes, we confess that we grew up with the legendary “2002.” Based on its history, the 2 series has a very promising future. And the M235i by Noelle Performance is without doubt the king of the compact sport coupés: With 440 crank hp on tap, the sprint from 0 to 62 mph takes just 4.8 seconds. On derestricted German freeways, speeds of up to 181 miles per hour are possible. The capabilities of the eight-speed automatic transmission are fully exploited by Noelle Performance: 443 lb-ft of torque and the exceptionally free-revving turbocharged straight six engine guarantee even snappier gear changes. Even a brief spin along a country road turns into a dynamic driving experience.

The 228i models hark back to the four-cylinder tradition of the BMW 2002. The N20 and N26 engines generate up to 287 crank hp and breathtaking torque of 289 lb-ft.

The 2 series Coupé or Cabrio and Noelle Performance – compact driving pleasure that combines emotion and individuality.


N55B30O0 Engine


326/340 Stock HP

440 Tuned HP

443 Tuned Torque


Through our technical partnership with Liqui Moly, Noelle Performance gives you the absolute optimal driving experience with maximum performance while Liqui Moly keeps your vehicle in peak shape for years to come.