3 Series

Dry Dynamics

Forget about vodka Martinis (either shaken or stirred), Planter’s Punch or the Bloody Mary. If you want the perfect cocktail of driving pleasure, efficiency and lifestyle, look no further than the new BMW G20-generation 3 series – with added ingredients from Noelle Performance. Even the M340i gets you well past the 400 crank hp mark, while the xDrive variants guarantees getting the power to the ground.

The last F30-generation 3 series still gets love from Noelle Performance with the 320i 4-cylinder engines getting some of added punch, while the 340i engine output is taken up to 440 hp at the crank. With 443 lb-ft of creamy torque, a 340i by Noelle Performance is ideal for those who enjoy making swift progress, although the top speed is best confined to a derestricted German freeway. Programming available for all xDrive variants.

The 3 series and Noelle Performance – efficient driving pleasure.

3 Series F30, F31, F34, G20 Pricing

N55B30M0 Engine


306/320 Stock HP

380 Tuned HP

406 Tuned Torque


B58 Engine


326/340 Stock HP

440 Tuned HP

443 Tuned Torque


Through our technical partnership with Liqui Moly, Noelle Performance gives you the absolute optimal driving experience with maximum performance while Liqui Moly keeps your vehicle in peak shape for years to come.