5 Series

Gimme five!

Business meets driving pleasure – the BMW 5 series ticks all the boxes. High five. But can we really make such a wonderful car even more perfect? Yes, we can. Let’s take a look at the most current generation the G30 540i: Reprogrammed engine electronics make one of the world’s most efficient engine/transmission combinations even better. Even this inline six has the potential of 440 hp with 443 lb-ft of torque to propel the big sedan effortlessly.

With the most current G30 550i by Noelle Performance, you can even steal some of the M5’s thunder: Our performance programming provides up to 650 hp and maximum torque of 664 lb-ft. Savor an unadulterated driving experience, at up to terminal velocity thanks to the “built-in” Vmax delimiter. Just the way you like it.

5 Series F10, F11, F07, G30, G31 Pricing

N55B30M0 Engine


306/320 Stock HP

380 Tuned HP

406 Tuned Torque


B58 Engine


340 Stock HP

440 Tuned HP

443 Tuned Torque


N63TU2 Engine


462 Stock HP

570 Tuned HP

554 Tuned Torque


N63B44 Engine


523 Stock HP

650 Tuned HP

664 Tuned Torque


Through our technical partnership with Liqui Moly, Noelle Performance gives you the absolute optimal driving experience with maximum performance while Liqui Moly keeps your vehicle in peak shape for years to come.