6 Series

Six is a powerful number.

Six numbers can win the lotto. But be careful: gambling can be addictive. Then again, driving can be too! Especially in the BMW 6 series Coupé by Noelle Performance. Thanks to our optimized performance map for the original engine electronics, with the 640i, Noelle Performance has further increased the response and free-revving nature of the peerless turbocharged straight six engine. With output of up to 420 hp / 443 lb-ft of torque, we thought it best to take the gains to the next level.

For the 650i, no less than the maximum performance level is acceptable. For versions with a standard output of 408 hp, the power portfolio goes to 508 hp and includes 517 lb-ft of torque. Owners can take advantage of power throughout the rev-band day after day. Removal of the speed limiter certainly qualifies as an added bonus.

Whether you’re powering two or all four light alloy wheels – with the exclusive driving pleasure packages, you’ll feel like a lottery winner every time.

6 Series F12, F13 F06 Pricing

N55B30O0 Engine


320 Stock HP

420 Tuned HP

443 Tuned Torque


B58 Engine


340 Stock HP

440 Tuned HP

443 Tuned Torque


N63 Engine


408 Stock HP

508 Tuned HP

517 Tuned Torque


N63TU Engine


450 Stock HP

570 Tuned HP

554 Tuned Torque


Through our technical partnership with Liqui Moly, Noelle Performance gives you the absolute optimal driving experience with maximum performance while Liqui Moly keeps your vehicle in peak shape for years to come.