f90 m5 Chassis Dyno

Noelle Performance F90 M5 Chassis Dynamometer Test

To demonstrate real power gains without any bolt on equipment and put to rest any questions about our performance results, Noelle Performance made arrangements to chassis dynamometer (dyno) test a BMW F90 M5 at MTO Engineering, an independent TÜV Certified testing facility in Ladbergen Germany. The purpose of this test was to confirm our stated crank power gains and to demonstrate what it takes to properly chassis dyno test a modern BMW automobile without damaging it. MTO Engineering’s facility is equipped with state of the art certified measuring equipment operated by professional technicians. We chose this company due to their reputation as an industry leader and their ability to provide required airflow to properly cool and simulate street driving airflow pressure. We are posting both, the Stock dyno data and the Noelle Performance programmed dyno data to show before and after programming results from the same vehicle. The data has been converted to standard measurements. The numbers speak for themselves. We would like to thank MTO Engineering for their impeccable services and allowing us to make this short video to document and share. We hope you enjoy. 


Noelle Performance F90 M5 Stock Dyno Test


Noelle Performance F90 M5 Tuned Dyno Test


converted chassis dynamometer test results



Motorleistung Flywheel Horse Power = 635.4 HP

Radleistung Wheel Horse Power = 510.1 HP

Schleppleistung Parasitic Drag = 125.3 HP

Drehmoment Wheel Torque = 578.1 LB-FT

Korrektur Correction Factor = 0.00%



Motorleistung Flywheel Horse Power = 841.9 HP

Radleistung Wheel Horse Power = 693.0 HP

Schleppleistung Parasitic Drag = 148.9 HP

Drehmoment Wheel Torque = 797.2 LB-FT

Korrektur Correction Factor = 0.00%


Noelle Performance F90 M5 Tuned Dyno Test


* Correction Factor is used by automobile manufactures to approximate internal engine component drag and other variables when chassis dyno testing. BMW AG uses a Correction Factor of 1.04, our test used a 0.00 Correction Factor resulting in completely raw data for our Wheel Horse Power and Wheel Torque gains.


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