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Chassis Dyno Testing and Tuning of Modern BMW’s

There is a lot of misinformation out there pertaining to Chassis Dynamometer testing of BMW’s. We want to set the record straight, so here are the FACTS:

Modern Turbo Charged BMW’s create massive amounts of heat. This heat must be dispersed in a manner that satisfies all electronic temperature sensors. Basically, the air mass and volume must match the vehicle speed for proper cooling. This means that real world conditions MUST be emulated during the test, that includes proper air flow and volume, proper calibration of the test equipment, all doors and engine hood must be CLOSED!

Most roller dyno facilities do not have adequate cooling fans that can provide this amount of air. Most use high velocity fans such as used in construction. These fans cannot provide the necessary mass and volume of air needed for proper cooling of all systems. Therefore, during the test, the factory protection parameters in the software will reduce power to protect the drivetrain from damage. Noelle Performance does NOT remove or tamper with these protections, that is why our software does not void warranty.

Almost every tuner, be it by software or piggyback, that we’ve seen removes or block these protections because that is the only way they can make power.

The only way to be certain that a dyno test is valid, all data from the engine control, transmission control, electronic diff control must be logged and evaluated to ensure that none of the protection protocols were enacted due to environmental conditions such as lack of air flow.

Dyno calibration is another huge problem. In reality, the dyno must be calibrated after so many runs. Very few facilities perform these complicated calibrations due to time cost and lack of knowledge further invalidating the test results.

We categorically reject ANY dyno test where no data logging was done due to the fact that the dyno test in itself is flawed and inaccurate. Secondly, we will void our warranty on any Noelle tuned vehicle that was dyno tested unless all data logging info is provided as well as proof that the facility can provide the needed air for cooling due to the risk of damage to the drivetrain. Such facilities are very rare, and testing is expensive.

We have provided a video and data from a proper dyno test done in a German Government certified testing facility. This facility is used by many Auto manufacturers as an independent

3rd party for data verification, so the testing they do is certified, accurate and done right. The Video and data sheets are available on our web site.

These are the engineering FACTS pertaining to roller or chassis dyno testing. Any engineer with the proper education and training can and will confirm these facts. What some “key board engineer” on some web site or message board says is of no interest to us and is fake news.


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