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Consumers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Noelle’s products and with the specific criteria of Noelle’s Limited Warranty, including exclusions and potential effects to the manufacturer’s limited new car warranty, before purchasing.

* If you have already modified your vehicle with another companies aftermarket software “piggy-back”, flash program, or modify any of the emissions control systems or parts, you will be ineligible for Noelle Performance warranty coverage.  You can still purchase Noelle Performance programming but there will be no matching warranty coverage.  This policy is because some tuning companies remove the factory protection measures, exceed component thresholds, causing damage to the engine and related drivetrain components.    

* If your BMW has the N55B30T0 or the S55 engine, you must use a Crank Hub Bolt Capture before programming to obtain Noelle Performance’s warranty coverage.  

Noelle Performance Products Limited Warranty Statement

End User License Agreement (EULA)

End User License Agreement


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